bad nose jobs
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Common issues that can happen with bad nose jobs

Nose job, commonly known as rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic surgery for those patients who are not happy with the shapes or sizes of their noses. A nose job is an outpatient procedure performed under ordinary anesthesia. You can have rhinoplasty in Brisbane clinic and go back home at the same day.

However, rhinoplasty is a complex procedure that requires to be done by an experienced surgeon. Not all the times a medical procedure turns up successful. Sometimes, the results of a nose job can be unsatisfactory or lead to other uncomfortable problems. These are bad nose jobs. So, what are the related issues?

External Issues

The obvious issue you may have after a nose job is an external appearance. If you have external issues, it is advisable you wait for about a year to heal before seeking additional treatments. Swelling is a common problem. However, there are additional concerns that call for correction.

bad nose jobs

Scooped out bridge

If a cosmetic surgeon operates you with a chisel or osteotome, it can leave an error. This is because it can take out the nose bridge in one movement. The problem can be revised by rebuilding the bridge by using cartilage from other parts of the body.

Polly break

The condition happens if the area above your nose tip appears to be overly full, causing your nose to overhang downwards. The condition can be revised by supporting your nasal tip.

Twisted Nose

The nose twist occurs when there is a twist on nasal bones of the nose tip. Straightening can be tricky to achieve. However, the problem can be revised by strengthening the cartilage by using sutures.

Internal Issues

Unfortunately, rhinoplasty can lead to an internal issue. They are however not common unless there was a very careless mistake during the surgery. They include

  • Breathing problems 
  • Numbness and nerve damage       
  • Infections 

All in all, it is impossible to have control over your nose job once it begins. But there are things you can do to avoid bad nose jobs. Choose your surgeon carefully. Ensure they are skillful and experienced. Seek proper diagnostic evaluations to get enough sense of your surgeon’s aesthetic and technical skills.

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