Does rhinoplasty hurt
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Deciding for a nose job: Does rhinoplasty hurt?

Plastic surgery is an art, which makes total differences to somebody’s body parts, not only making them beautiful but building their self-confidence. Rhinoplasty among others, or a nose job as they call it, it is very common nowadays. Find out more about augmentation rhinoplasty in Perth by visiting their website.

The reasons for reshaping your nose are many and different from one person to the other.

But does rhinoplasty hurt?

You can see many individuals who have reshaped their noses passing down the street with the white tape on their frontal area and thinking, who knows what is hidden behind the tape. Reshaping your nose also requires a lot of post-treatment and wrap care, which might make you think that it really hurts.

Taking under the consideration that rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure, but the doctors always make the most of efforts to make this procedure as easy and comfortable as it can get for the patient.

Does it hurt or does it not, is a matter of what type is the procedure, which could be opened or closed. Each nose reshaping procedure is unique, but when a closed procedure is made, it can last 2-3 hours under anesthesia. There is no exterior scarring in this procedure.

When it comes to hurting, rhinoplasty will not hurt, many patients usually only take a prescribed painkiller pill, or don’t have pain at all. This works for both, the procedure itself or recovery period, which it is suggested to last for a month, but you could be ready to lunch your new product in a week or a little more.

Does rhinoplasty hurt

After the surgical process is done, you can expect some swelling, but in a matter of days, you will be able to show your beautiful new nose. A rhinoplasty is a common surgical procedure, and like any other procedure it could have its own risks, as bleeding or anesthesia not working properly, but still, the majority of patients have a quick recovery on it and enjoy the work.


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