Overcoming Social Anxiety And Shyness
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Overcoming Social Anxiety And Shyness

In the new era of social living and interaction, it is shocking to know that a large percentage of people are suffering from social anxiety and shyness. People may think, what is with that kid, why is he acting weird around here well the answer is that kid might probably be suffering from this disorder. Although it’s commonly mistaken that shyness and social phobia to be one and the same, Shyness is something which is felt when a person is introduced into a new environment but once the person gets acclimatized to it they will feel normal. But in case of Social phobia the more they are exposed to the society the more nervous and anxious they tend to become.

Social phobia has a deep impact in one’s life, it limits their world to themselves and even though they have the potential in them to be a much better asset to the society they are acting unnatural and keep over scrutinizing every situation and live in constant fear of getting embarrassed by things around them. To the other it may feel like the person is intentionally seeking the attention of the other around them, and that the person is just making up stuff about his struggle and that it’s real. But only those who suffer from it know the pain and anguish of it. Even the smallest change in the environment could bring about a massive change in the way they see things.

Like every other disorder even social anxiety can be treated, generally, the symptoms include social isolation, sweating, trembling in front of people, increased heart rate, avoiding eye contact. Cognitive Behaviour therapy is the simple session which involves social experimentation and assessment of people behavioral pattern, based on which the therapy is conducted. The main focus is to make the person assess the situations in a different way than the usual and make the positive approach to the social life with an attitude of “What is the worse that could happen?”. It changes the way people perceive the situation and be bold about their decisions. The therapy also helps people identify their worst fears and lets them face it. Most of all it teaches them to not overthink about any circumstance and think realistically, living the moment. As far as medication goes Benzodiazepines are prescribed just as an immediate relief for the hyperventilating situations, Selective Serotonin is advised in case the person is also depressed.

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