pre surgery anxiety
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Pre Surgery Anxiety

Feeling anxious before going “under the knife”, even if it’s just a minor one is a normal, common feeling that almost all the patients who are going for surgery experience. It’s commonly known as pre surgey anxiety but doctors call this as preoperational or preoperative anxiety. The feeling is often described as unpleasant stress, tension or uneasiness that may come from the patient’s fears and doubts. Do you ever feel afraid of having a surgey abroad? Read more at

What Causes This Fear and Anxiety?

People who have feelings of anxiety before their surgical procedure can be caused by the following, but not limited to, the following reasons:

•Worries that the surgery will not work
•Financial burdens
•Fear of the unknown
•Anesthetic fear
•Not being able to wake up after the surgery

How Does Pre Surgery Anxiety Manifest?

Different people have different reactions to preoperational anxiety. But these reactions generally fall into two categories: Physical and Psychological.

1.Physical Effects of anxiety can include irregular heartbeat, excessive sweating, nausea, nervous stomach, sleep problems, and shortness of breath among a long list of physical effects.
2.Psychological effects of preoperative anxiety can be coupled with cognitive and behavioral changes which can include nervousness, tension, and the feeling of apprehension.

Tips on How to Deal with Pre Surgery Anxiety

A healthy dose of pre-surgery anxiety is actually quite healthy, but here are some tips that you might want to take a look at to help you remain calm. pre surgery anxiety

1.Discuss Your Fears With Your Doctor. Your doctor is the best person to help put your mind at ease with your surgery. If you are experiencing anxiety about your upcoming surgery, be honest with your doctor. Your doctor can explain to you everything that you want to know about the surgery. It’s also a good way to establish trust with your doctor which is extremely important. After all, you are literally putting your life in your doctor’s hands. At extreme cases, your doctor can give you medication to help you calm down.At extreme cases, your doctor can give you medication to help you calm down.
2.Get Support From Friends and Family. Your family and friends can be one of your biggest source of support if you are experiencing anxiety.
3.Occupy Yourself. Sometimes, the most effective way of dealing with pre-surgery anxiety is to literally just think of something else other than the surgery. So busy yourself with your pre-surgery instructions. Get a “to do” list ready and get it done. In doing so you are too busy to let your anxiety to grow and fester.

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