stress related vision problems
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Stress Related Vision Problems – How Real Is This?

It has always been a discussion in different countries and health establishments if stress related vision problems do exist. Another part of this endless discussion is — can laser eye surgery help with blurred vision due to stress? As we all know, stress is subjective as only the person himself can tell if he is stressed out.

Are you experiencing those moments when your eyes hurt and you have problems with your vision at night after your work? You think your eyes are experiencing something you don’t like, although the other parts of your body are doing okay. Then, you start to wonder and ask yourself – am I suffering from stress related vision problems? The best way to get an answer would be to see an eye doctor or an ophthalmologist in Melbourne.

Physical Effects of Stress

As we all know, stress is known to be a natural response to any “threat” to one’s environment. In the primitive ages, stress may be like a dangerous animal or a hostile creature to a Neanderthal. Today, stress is usually related to family and relationship problems, demanding career, financial issues and other life-altering scenarios.

Unfortunately, long term stress can be harmful to us. In our fight or flight moments, stress triggers the body to release adrenaline that spikes the heart rate up. Moreover, it boosts one’s metabolism and dilates the pupils, to make sure that the person can respond right away to a stressful environment.

Many people are well-trained to handle stress. But many still could not which leads them to experience unnecessary effects. As it pushes further, the body will physically wear out and one of those who’ll suffer the consequences would be one’s eyes.

Eye Conditions Possibly Caused by Stress

According to health experts, stress can trigger temporary eye problems. That’s why it’s highly recommended to see an eye doctor if problem persists for more than two weeks.

Blurred VisionPupil dilates enables more light to come in for better vision. However, the vision can be severely affected if there’s too much light exposure.

Light Sensitivity – Physiologically, stress mainly affects one’s nervous and neurological system. That’s the reason why one suffers from headache when stressed out. This is also the cause of light sensitivity, hence, leading to eye strain.

Eye Twitching & SpasmsWhen stressed out, the muscles build tension. This affects the muscles surrounding the eyes, thus, leading to spasms and twitching.

Dry Eyes – When you’re stressed out, blood flow will be diverted to the body’s vital organs. As a result, your eyes experience slow production of tears, leading to dry eyes.

stress related vision problems

Reducing Stress Related Vision Problems

Although these eye problems can be bothersome, there are a lot of methods to manage it.

  • Sleep at least eight hours every night.
  • Engage on a diet that involves lean proteins and whole grains.
  • Engage to exercise at least three times per week.
  • Find time to do deep breathing exercises. Meditation would do great as well.
  • Use other healthy methods of relaxation.

If problem still persists despite the fact you’ve done the above mentioned methods, it’s best to see your doctor to have an eye exam. Perhaps there is an underlying condition already.

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