social anxiety and paranoia
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Social Anxiety and Paranoia

Being relaxed and comfortable in social situations, whether business or personal, can make everyday life a lot more manageable. At home, being social with your family is important because it helps build stronger bonds, with your loved ones. With friends, being social is important because the friendships that we choose to create, act as an extended family (and in some cases, those friends become family), that can make life a lot more enjoyable. At work, and in business situations, being social is significant because this is where you, your livelihood, and your family’s livelihood, is on the line. Communication is required with your co-workers and boss(es) to make sure that your job is done efficiently. With all of these different situations at play, we can start to feel pressure, and may develop social anxiety and paranoia. These feelings of social anxiety and paranoia can have the opposite effect than what we intended, but there are ways to combat them. Check on this new article and let’s take a further look at each one.

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