agoraphobia vs social anxiety
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A Comparative Info Between Agoraphobia vs Social Anxiety

While both agoraphobia and social anxiety are scientifically categorized as social disorders, it is very important to clarify that there are many differences between the two. People sometimes fail to distinguish the factors that set between agoraphobia vs social anxiety. This sort of misinformation can be extremely hurtful to vulnerable individuals who might self-diagnose the wrong kind of social disorder. To shed some light about the differences between agoraphobia vs social anxiety, visit this link for their comparative information.

In the case of agoraphobia, this disorder is defined as the fear of specific spaces in which the individual perceives some form of danger. For example, an agoraphobic will be fearful of large crowds, packed busses or any space that isn’t their home. The danger these people experience is different, depending on the case. It might be a fear of public humiliation as the person feels they will be judged if they experience a panic attack and appear vulnerable. Other people express fear for their lives, especially if they have been victims of assault in the past while traveling. agoraphobia vs social anxiety

On the other hand, social anxiety is the fear of how other people will perceive them. While it is normal for everyone to feel shy in certain situations, this particular phobia leaves the afflicted individuals totally helpless is several social scenarios. This anxiety is triggered because the person fears they might be negatively evaluated or ridiculed by the people they interact with. The person will foster deep thoughts of insecurity and self-deprecation and, as a result, will completely avoid some kinds of social interactions.

As you can see, though they share some similarities, agoraphobia is completely distinct from social anxiety. As always, people are heavily encouraged to consult a therapist to get an expert’s opinion on their symptoms. These kinds of disorders can be treated with psychotherapy, the use of medication like antidepressants or, more likely, a combination of the two.

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