asymmetrical face causes
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Asymmetrical Face Causes

Asymmetric facial characteristics can be defined as the asymmetry between the two sides of the face, i.e, both sides of the face doesn’t mirror each other. Almost all the people has asymmetry to some extent but might not be noticeable. If the asymmetry is noticeable and becomes more prominent with age, the underlying causes must be investigated and timely treatment should be given. There are different reasons that cause asymmetry of face.

Some of the asymmetrical face causes are;

1. Injury

External or internal injuries caused during accidents, cuts, trauma or or bone deformation might cause facial asymmetry.

2. Genetics

If the asymmetry runs in the family genes, there are high chances that they are carried forward to the future generations. For example, if asymmetrical lips or eyes runs in the family, it’s possible that it is passed on to their offspring.

3. Stroke

When a person suffers a stroke, it is most possible that facial changes are observed in that person, like drooping smile on one side. asymmetrical face causes

4. Lifestyle habits

Sleeping on one side constantly, pressing one side of your face into the pillow may cause compression of face. This might cause minor facial changes on the compressed side, which leads to facial asymmetry. Habits like smoking can also be a cause because it exposes your face to the toxins.

5. Bell’s Palsy

This is more serious condition that causes asymmetry. The facial nerves are paralyzed which results in muscle weakness in one side of the face. This can be due to viral infections or can also be caused after pregnancy. Asymmetry caused due to bell’s palsy is mostly temporary.

Other factors like chewing constantly on one side, using hand while sitting, to support your face, dental issues can also contribute to facial asymmetry. Chewing on one side constantly causes muscle activation and growth on one side than the other.

Facial asymmetry can be treated with proper investigation and treatment on time.

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