careers for people with social anxiety
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Careers for people with social anxiety

“Your mind is your prison when you focus on your fear.” – Tim Fargo

What is Social anxiety?

Social anxiety or social phobia is that fear of a social situation that arises while in a social setting with other people in everyday life. The fear of being surrounded by many other people leads to the feeling of inferiority and worthlessness.

Social anxiety, also known as Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is a mental health condition, where regular social interactions with people in public places or workplace may cause irrational anxiety, fear, humiliation, and depression. People facing such anxiety problems are usually unable to tolerate the presence of a large group of people. In most cases, they like to work with a very small group or on there own so they can feel secure and comfortable.

Careers for people with social anxiety: Now let’s take a look at the career options that are available for people facing social anxiety:

careers for people with social anxiety

  1. Writer: Being a writer provides great flexibility to work from any preferred environment, that means people dealing with social anxiety problems may work as freelance writers working from the comfort of their own home. This limits the amount of social interaction needed while traveling or at work.
  2. Counselor: As discussed earlier, people facing social anxiety issues do not enjoy being surrounded by several people. In such cases, working as a counselor with others on a one-to-one basis can also help with their own well- being and help reduce anxiety.
  3. Gardner or Landscaper: For those who feel socially anxious, but love being close to nature, may consider exploring their interests to work as a gardener or landscaper that allows them the freedom to work on their own terms and independently.

Some of the other options to choose as careers for people with social anxiety are:

  1. Medical Technician: Choices in this field include working as an Ultrasound technician or as pathologists working in the medical lab preparing blood test and pathology reports.
  2. Tradesmen: Different trade options such as carpenter and plumber are also great to build a career for people dealing with anxiety issues.

While there are several options available as careers for people with social anxiety, they need to believe in themselves, be confident of their skills, and find an area of interest to grow in life.

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