the solution to social anxiety
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Cosmetic Dentistry:The Solution to Social Anxiety

It is a known fact that many of us struggle with social anxiety. This can have various sources, such as insecurities, fear of communication and self-unacceptance. The issue bothering hundreds of people, that make them feel bad about themselves, is their smile. Smiling is something we all do unconsciously, but when our teeth or gums are strange and attention-catching, people tend to give weird looks or deceive us because of it. This has brought thousands of people in desperation and severe social anxiety. But what if I told you that cosmetic dentistry can be the solution to social anxiety? Having missing teeth for instance can make you feel uncomfortable to interact with people. But this can be rectified with the help of dental implants. Although there are cases wherein there’s a need for bone graft procedure for implants. It may not be an easy route but it sure can boost your confidence, making it one of the solution to social anxiety.

Cosmetic dentistry includes other types of procedure with the goal of bettering the appearance of your smile. It doesn’t necessarily improve their functionality, but it’s primarily focused on providing a better appearance, through the modification of color, shape, size, and alignment. the solution to social anxiety

There are several common cosmetic dentistry types, such as teeth whitening, which is considered the cheapest and easiest way to improve your smile. Another very popular option is dental veneers, also known as “Hollywood teeth”. Custom-made white porcelain is covering the front surface of the teeth, which gives you the ability to change the color, shape, and size of the appearance of your teeth. Beware though because this can reach up to $1,300 per tooth!

One of the most expensive types of cosmetic dentistry is dental implants. They are titanium replacement tooth roots, that come in lieu of a missing tooth. This procedure can cost up to $3,000!

Cosmetic dentistry is definitely something worth checking out. Even though often dentist visits are beneficial, cosmetic dentistry offers quicker, and more effective solutions! If you are looking for a way to immensely boost your self-esteem and confidence, a change in your smile can improve the way you, as well as others, look at yourself!

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