fearful patients needs dental anxiety treatment options
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Dental anxiety treatment options for fearful patients

Fear and anxiety are always the challenges most patient face whenever they visit the doctor. There are those that may not accept to take oral drugs or injections simply because of their anxiety.


What are the available dental anxiety treatment options?

1. General anesthesia. This is a anesthesia method applied to people with mild anxiety and whenever a major surgical operation is to be conducted. It works by making you unconscious and without any feeling of pain. This may not allow you to breathe normally or communicate with anyone.

2. Inhalation sedation. If you are afraid of needles then the dentist will be able to help you out by allowing you to inhale nitrous oxide normally known as the laughing gas. This is done through a mask worn on the nose to make breathing easy. It will ensure you are relaxed and free from anxiety.

sleeping tooth funny image to show dental anxiety treatment options

3. Oral sedation. There are people who have great fear of needles and pricking any part of their body makes them more anxious. A medical solution to such patients includes the application of oral sedation where the dentist gives them a pill. After taking the pill, you may feel drowsy or calm throughout the entire operation. The advantage of oral sedation is that you are conscious and with the ability to answer any question asked by the dentist.

4. Intravenous (IV) sedation. This is done through an injection either on your wrist or arm. It allows you to be conscious even though you can’t feel any pain. You can breathe normally and answer any question asked.

There are also some methods that can be used to control your anxiety when you go for a dental treatment. This may not be medical, but more like psychological like asking your Campbelltown dentist at ADC clinic to explain in details the process.

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