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Dental Solutions for Ugly Teeth

Our permanent teeth are meant to have a longer lifespan, but sometimes they don’t live to our expectations. There are several reasons why teeth may get damaged from various diseases such as tooth decay, gum disease or any other injury which may occur on our teeth. Good thing there are now a variety of options one can use to restore ugly teeth. You can visit Southern Smiles near Sylvania, NSW to take advantage of them.

For quite some time people have been living with missing or damaged teeth, nowadays there are a variety of dental options which can be used to restore broken or damaged tooth. The dental option which suits you best is dependent on the level of the damage and the duration you need the restoration to last.

Below are the solutions for ugly teeth:


The filling is one of the techniques which is used to restore or repair broken teeth. It is the most used dental restoration option. In most cases, the filling is used to rectify the damage resulting from tooth decay. For instance, if you have a tooth cavity your dentist will apply the filling option to rectify it.


Bonding is mainly used when it comes to the restoration of the broken or chipped tooth. When undergoing the dental treatment, the dentist uses a composite resin on the affected tooth, accompanied by the shaping of the resin until the problem is rectified, A dentist can make use of bonding to reattach the pieces of the tooth which may have chipped off so as to fill the crack. The advantage of bonding is that dental treatment is done only once. ugly teeth


Dentures are aimed at replacing the damaged teeth fully. Dentures are available in a variety of dental options based on the number of teeth one is missing. For instance, there is a complete set of dentures to patients missing a great number of teeth and also single dentures to those missing only one tooth. The advantage of dentures is that they are removable.

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