gynecomastia surgery scar
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Gynecomastia Surgery Scar

Gynecomastia surgery, which is also referred to as male breast reduction, is performed to reduce the size of overdeveloped breast tissue in men. This issue affects a lot of men and can be the cause of severe embarrassment. After the surgery, are you also feeling shame for your surgery scars? Read on to know the procedure of the surgery and how to take good care of gynecomastia surgery scar after the surgery.

Gynecomastia surgery

Gynecomastia surgery costs on average $3,978 in the USA (based on 2018 prices).

You will receive anesthesia during the operation and you may be offered either general sedation or intravenous sedation.

The surgeon will establish whether the “breasts” are simply an excess of fat, or whether it is actual breast tissue. If it is the former then a liposuction technique will be used. If it is indeed breast tissue then a surgical technique will be used. Both operations will result in some form of gynecomastia surgery scar. The type of scar will depend on the technique used. In a limited number of cases, both liposuction and surgery are used.


gynecomastia surgery scar

Liposuction involves making several small hones and inserting a thin tube into them. This is connected to a suction device which sucks out the excess fat. This is a simplified explanation of the procedure and there are several variants on this. The surgeon will discuss what he considers best.

Surgical Technique

The excess breast tissue is removed by the surgeon and then the nipple is repositioned to a more natural position.


The surgical technique involves making several small cuts, and these will leave scars. At first, probably for a few months, the scars will appear to be raised and red in color. In time the scar tissue will age and fade in more to match the color of skin tissue. It is possible in some cases for the surgeon to make a cut in the armpit and these will be less visible.

The amount of elasticity in the skin will also have an impact on how the scars look. There are creams and treatments available which claim to increase the elasticity and you may want to discuss them with your surgeon.

As with all scarring, it is far more of an issue for the individual who will probably notice the scars more than anyone else. Make sure that you consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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