how much does a dental checkup cost?
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How much is a dental checkup?

It is important to take care of teeth because good oral health is said to be a mirror of overall health. Many people know this but still, find themselves asking “How much is a dental checkup?”. This article will focus on how much dental care services are, and also what services are available on a routine dental checkup.


Cost of dental services

The cost of a dental checkup should never be the cause for a patient to avoid going to the dentist. A routine checkup can cost anywhere from $50 to $300, depending on what kind of treatment you would have included in the checkup. 


Can a dental checkup be covered by dental insurance?

Some procedures are included in a dental checkup that can be covered by your insurance package. However, it is still a good idea to confirm with both your dentist and your insurance company as to which procedures will or will not be included for coverage. Keep in mind that the general rule is that insurance would most likely cover procedures that are deemed medically necessary by the patient.


Preventive dental procedures. Dental insurance will most likely cover preventive procedures done on teeth because they would contribute to the overall oral health of the patient. 


Professional cleanings. This is one of the procedures that dental insurance will cover. The cleaning will usually be performed by either a dentist or a dental hygienist, and routine cleanings should be done to make sure that there is no plaque or tartar build-up on teeth that can lead to gum and tooth diseases.

how much does a dental checkup cost?


Oral exams. These exams also fall under the list of procedures that insurance will cover because they are preventive. They will allow dentists to check for any early signs of tooth or gum disorders and even lookout for signs of mouth cancer. 


Needed tests. There would be some instances when a patient might need tests, like an Xray so that the dentist can make a more accurate diagnosis or treatment suggestion. However, insurance might only cover these types of tests once or twice every year. It is important to verify this with your insurance company.


Fillings, extractions and root canals. Dental insurance might also be able to reduce the costs for these dental procedures. Most likely they will not cover the entire cost, but they will be able to cover a part of the cost at least, in most cases.


Got more questions about dental checkups and their cost?

If we have not answered the question “How much is a dental checkup?”, the best thing to do would be to ask your dentist. They would be able to tell you the exact price for each procedure. They might also be able to tell you, by experience, which procedures would be covered by dental insurance and which ones would not.


However, keeping up with the schedule set by your dentist is important. No matter how well you brush or floss, it would always be a good idea to go to your dental appointment, just to make sure there is nothing wrong. Worrying about the cost should not get in the way of going to the dentist in Blacktown at Finesse Dental.

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