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How To Get Over Gym Anxiety: Strategies For The Shy You

Is it your first time going to the gym? Are you nervous? Excited? Or hesitant because you are feeling anxious about stepping into a new world? Whether it’s the gym or not, it could be quite overwhelming to be somewhere you’ve never been before. But you wouldn’t want this feeling to hinder you from reaching your fitness goals, that is why it’s important for you to know how to get over gym anxiety. First tip? Be like smith machines, steady but powerful.


Understanding Gym Anxiety

Gym anxiety refers to feeling awkward, intimidated, and somewhat fearful of anything that has to do with the gym. Some people feel shy about entering the facility, others are not confident enough to work out in full strength, while some are just too afraid to use the equipment. If you are experiencing gym anxiety, know that you are not alone. Many people, most especially those who are new to exercising at the gym feel the same way.

But you don’t have to worry so much because there are so many ways to overcome gym anxiety. You just have to know which strategy works best for you and who knows, you might even end up loving the gym more than the club.


Get Over Gym Anxiety

guy afraid of working outTo overcome gym anxiety, first, you need to be very determined to achieve your fitness goals. This will serve as your motivation to keep on going even though you are very anxious about working out. Next, you may opt to apply these techniques to yourself:

  • Do your research. Before enrolling yourself in a specific gym facility, it would be better to know the things that they can offer, the equipment they have, the overall space, and the people around. Oftentimes, gyms give brief tours to their new clients to introduce them to the whole establishment.
  • Don’t overdo it. If you are someone who just started working out and you know in yourself that you are not capable of doing intense workouts, then start smoothly. You do not really have to be as strong and as fast as the others. You just have to execute your exercises correctly. This will give you more confidence in the long run knowing that you are having progress.
  • Learn how to calm down. One of the best strategies to use is calming yourself down. True, it may be hard to achieve but with a few techniques and practices, you will be able to calm yourself down to avoid that racing heartbeat feeling every time you enter the gym. Controlling your breathing pattern and shaking off are good ways to prepare yourself.
  • Do not succumb to fear. If you feel like you want to go on full speed at the treadmill, do it! If you want to release your stress through boxing, do it! Don’t mind the people around you. Just do your thing and let yourself break free. Believe it or not, you will gradually forget that you are in fact surrounded by plenty of people when you are focused on your routine.
  • Invite a friend or get a personal trainer. Got a friend that always goes to the gym? Ask them to join you at least once or twice, they can help you get over gym anxiety by teaching you some of the basics. Or you can hire a personal trainer that can stand by you while you are training, aside from the fact that you will not be alone all the time anymore, you will also achieve your fitness goals in the right way.
  • Mind over matter. Always look on the brighter side and focus on the positive aspects. It may be hard to get over gym anxiety as it includes fear and intimidation, but remind yourself that this is all for good purposes. Every time you feel anxious, pause for a minute, and remember how badly you want the summer body that you’ve been working hard for.
  • Dress up. We tend to be more confident about ourselves if we know that we look good. You can get over gym anxiety by wearing clothes that make you feel confident and happy. Grab a pair of gym clothes that you think looks great on you and finish it off with a nice pair of workout shoes and you’re good to go!
  • Socialize. Always remember that gym-goers are humans too, even though their bodies are like sent from above with extra reformation, you can still make friends with everyone. Overcome gym anxiety by finding a group of people who you think are on the same boat as you. You can also approach a personal trainer from time to time to ask for some advice. This way, you will be more familiar with the people around you and your fear of being the only stranger in the gym will go away.



meeting new friendsSome people experience anxiety in the gym because they are not yet familiar with the place. It will be easier for you to get over gym anxiety once you determine what makes you anxious. The reason why this occur often include:

  1. feeling intimidated by people with a great physique
  2. doesn’t know how to operate gym equipment
  3. paranoid feeling
  4. fear of being judged
  5. cannot socialize well
  6. afraid of the unpleasant effects of working out (perspiration; haggardness)
  7. not used to having people around

Don’t let gym anxiety stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Take it as a challenge instead and see where it will take you. You’ll never know, this might be the start of newfound friendships and a healthier lifestyle.

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