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How To Improve Your Mood Through Physical Activities?

Have you ever felt so down because of being exhausted? It’s like not being able to function well and you just feel like your mood is completely ruined and there is nothing that could make you feel better. In this article, we are going to find out how to improve your mood and how physical activities can be a mood booster. If you intend to do a home workout and you do not have any gym equipment, you can buy it here.


Causes Of Mood Swings

A lot of factors could trigger mood swings or sudden changes in behavior. It is often described as a roller coaster of emotion that switches from positive to negative energy. Everyone experiences mood swings from time to time and it’s normal. However, if it happens too often, it could indicate an underlying condition like mental health issues. There are 2 elements that affect our mood, internal factors change our mood because of what’s happening inside us. External factors are composed of the changes in our environment, school, work, parking lots, or even subway.

Below are some of the most common reasons why it occurs:

  1. The course of the day. It’s quite common that people’s sudden mood changes were caused by unpleasant events that occurred during the day. Getting late at work, spilling coffee, not being able to finish daily tasks, traffic, and many more could make a person feeling cranky throughout the whole day.
  2. Illnesses and injuries. Chronic diseases could be one of the reasons why you experience random mood swings. Acute injuries that affect the brain like a concussion, stroke, dementia, and other neurological conditions can trigger a person’s mood swings as well.
  3. Developmental reasons. Children are often described as “moody” when they abruptly throw tantrums over little things. As they get older, mood swings become a normal part of their lives most especially if they are already starting to engage in activities involving other kids. When they reach teenage years, their mood swings are essentially driven by hormone changes. In other cases, mental health conditions like ADHD generates mood swings that can affect their relationship with their peers.
  4. Diet. Trying to lose weight by eating a diet that’s deficient in nutrition or not getting enough meals to eat may cause mood swings because of the sudden shift in blood sugar levels. Digestive disorders like celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease are both correlated with mood swings and other mental conditions like anxiety.
  5. Allergic reactions. Watery eyes, rashes, and nonstop sneezing are some symptoms of allergies that can be very irritating at times. This may lead to changes in the behavior causing stress and fatigue.
  6. Unhealthy sleeping routine. The amount and quality of sleep that a person gets affect their entire mood. A person who does not get enough sleep may experience extreme mood fluctuations. Oversleeping can cause headaches and body pain, thus leading to a bad day mood.
  7. Medications. Some drugs have side effects and one of these is mood swings. This could also indicate that the prescribed drug is not suitable for the person taking it. Other drugs like antidepressants and mood stabilizers are designed to manage sudden behavioral changes.
  8. Substance abuse. People who use substances inappropriately may experience extreme shifting in the mood. They would often express anger and irritability if they are not able to use the substance or if they are trying to quit using it.
  9. Mental Health. Depression, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, and other mental conditions have a huge contribution to a person’s everyday mood. People who are suffering from these illnesses may exhibit mood swings in a snap because they have overwhelming emotions on the inside.

Whatever the reason may be, we must try to understand why someone is acting the way they do. Maybe they just need a person to talk to and a friendly chat over a cup of tea could help them improve their mood. Try to think of little ways on how you can help someone improve their mood.


Exercising As Mood Booster

positive people in gymExercising is a great way to improve your mood, in fact, it is well known as an effective anti-depressant in treating people with suffering from mental disorders. Different physical activities can showcase positive changes in a person’s mood swings.

Positive effects of exercising:

  • Exercising increases energy levels, it gets the heart rate up and releases happy hormones known as endorphins.
  • Help in achieving good sleep, working out before bed is not advised, however, exercise is proven to be effective in helping people with insomnia and other sleep issues to get enough sleep every day.
  • Serves as a distraction from negative thoughts. Since you will be too busy being occupied, your problems and worries will not be on top of your head.
  • Allows being around with positive people. Physically active people are mostly happy and very approachable. Being around them can influence you in some way and may boost your mood right away.
  • For people with mental health issues, exercising can give them a sense of independence since it stimulates control associated with strength. This will help them feel better about themselves knowing that they are playing an active role in their treatment.
  • Increases confidence. Doing physical activities is beneficial in so many ways, aside from being an effective mood booster, it also keeps us fit and physically healthy. Giving more self-esteem and a positive outlook in life.
  • Exercising prevents unhealthy lifestyle choices. When you are physically conscious and prefer to stay that way, drinking alcohol, using cigars, and substance abuse will be easier for you to avoid. Your mood will slowly improve when you are physically and mentally healthy.


Connection Between Exercise And Mood

Exercise helps in managing chronic depression by increasing serotonin, a chemical that regulates mood, sleep, and appetite. Mood lifters like endorphins are also being released when we exercise. It also helps in reducing chemicals in the immune system that can cause extreme depression. Exercising reduces stress on the brain and helps you stay focused. It manages sleep which is essential in preventing brain damage. You will notice that your mood will gradually improve once you start removing bad habits and begin doing activities to boost your energy.

Mood-Boosting Physical Activities

People are encouraged to engage in exercises that are enjoyable and delightful according to their personal preferences. One exercise can be fun for one person but not for others. Here are some physical activities for you to enjoy to improve your mood according to Home Gym Australia.

  1. Tai Chi- This kind of exercise reduces stress. It focuses on improving balance, flexibility, and strength of the body while engaging the mind to release negative thoughts and worries.
  2. Yoga- A common physical activity effective in decreasing anxiety. A 2 to 3 hours per week yoga exercise will help in keeping you focused and positive.
  3. Pilates- Body strengthening exercises will greatly help you in achieving regular good night’s sleep. It also improves your physical strength and mental awareness.
  4. Weightlifting- According to studies, weightlifting does not only tone muscles, it also boosts the mind.
  5. Cycling- Riding a bicycle is beneficial in several ways. In doing this exercise, your body and mind have to work together, making you more focused and energized.mood boosting by dancing
  6. Dancing- One of the most fun things to do is probably dancing. It increases energy levels and raises heart rate at the same time. Several dance classes are being offered to people of different ages. Young ones for example can enter ballet or hip-hop classes with 1 to 2-day lessons per week. Adults may engage in Zumba and older ones may opt-in joining ballroom classes at least twice a week.
  7. Swimming-  One way to improve your mood is by doing an enjoyable activity over the weekend together with your friends and family. Although swimming is considered as a low impact physical activity, it reduces tension and can be meditative.

Whatever kind of exercise you prefer to do, always remember to have fun in doing it and make sure that you end up feeling energized, happy, and satisfied with your activity.

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