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How To Smile More To Improve Your Quality Of Life?

Smiling is one of the best things that you can share with everyone for free. It literally improves your mood in an instant and makes you look more approachable in some way. But due to the stressful environment that we usually encounter in our everyday lives, smiling becomes quite a challenge. If you are worried that you’re smiling infrequently, learn the techniques on how to smile more. Sometimes, all you need is self-esteem, confidence, and a good set of teeth. You can talk to Boutique Dental Care Chatswood’s team today if you want to improve your smile.


Benefits Of Smiling

Why exactly do you need to practice smiling more often? We can be quite self-conscious when it comes to our appearance but are you aware that smiling is the cherry on top of our overall looks. Before we share the tips on how to smile more, let us first talk about its great benefits:

  • Longer life. It may not be that obvious but smiling can add more years to your life. Some experiments conclude that people who smile more often tend to have a longer life span. Generally speaking, have a great impact on your overall health as it allows an individual to live joyfully. Although further studies are needed to support this claim, it wouldn’t hurt to share a smile every day.
  • Easy stress reliever. Feeling stressed today? Just smile. You need to smile more if you want to feel better all the time. Smiling has the ability to make you feel less stressed and tired. If you want to experience the power of smiling in reducing stress, try to smile the next time you grumpy because of the traffic.
  • Improves your mood. Your mood will significantly improve day by day if you practice smiling more often. There are days where we just feel down and gloomy and that’s okay. But if you want to feel better after the negative thoughts, just smile and see the difference for yourself.
  • It’s highly contagious. Notice how another person’s smile makes you want to smile as well? That’s how powerful a smile is. It promotes a good sense of feeling not only for one person but for everyone else too. It encourages you to be less self-conscious which greatly affects the people around you.
  • Immune system booster. Smile more to boost your immune system. Smiling has a great impact on our overall health as it keeps us relaxed while we are releasing neurotransmitters.
  • Regulates blood pressure. People with high blood pressure should smile more to lower their blood pressure. To see if this is effective, you can test it to yourself when you feel like your blood pressure is starting to rise.
  • Reduces pain. Smiling encourages our body to release endorphins, a natural chemical from our body that relieves stress and pain. Certain natural painkillers are also released to reduce the feeling of pain.
  • It makes you attractive. This is probably one of the best benefits that you can get in smiling. It instantly makes you look better. And do you know what happens with attractive people? They attract positivity and a pleasing aura. Top up your well-done hair and makeup with a beautiful smile to start a great day.


How To Smile More

Now that you understand the importance of smiling more, let us tackle some methods and techniques to keep you smiling all day.  Improve your physical appearance by smiling every day with the help of the following:

  1. Practice your smile in the mirror to see how pleasant it looks to other people. Try to do it frequently so your smile will be more appealing.
  2. Put some smiley faces in your room, office desk, or in any area that you will see often. The smileys will remind you to smile even though you are feeling stressed out.
  3. Set a reminder. It may sound a bit odd but putting a reminder on your device for your “smile schedule” will put you in practice. In time, you won’t need a reminder anymore because you are already accustomed to smiling.
  4. Every time you see familiar faces, smile. If you are feeling a bit more generous, you can even smile at strangers, it will definitely make their day!
  5. Daily video call meetings? Smile before you open your camera, this is a good way to start a good interaction with your colleagues. Who knows, you’re probably setting everyone in good mood as well.
  6. Be grateful for simple things. The lower our expectations, the more we appreciate the little things in life. Be sure to smile whenever you receive something that you are thankful for.
  7. Be wild! By wild, we mean to be adventurous. Try to do new interesting things out of context. Horseback riding, deep diving, or even bungee jumping sounds fun. Incorporate these things in your once-a-month adventure and you will surely smile more.
  8. Watch funny movies or shows. A little tight on budget to get out and have fun? Don’t worry because comedic shows and movies got your back. Don’t forget the popcorn for a full experience.
  9. friendly gatheringGo out with your friends. Friends are the people that we choose to have fun with. Invite a few people for a spontaneous coffee date and talk about the funny things that you all went through together.
  10. Remember the good times. Look back at the time when you and your best friend got drunk and start swimming in the middle of the night while laughing at your nonsense jokes, funny is it? Try to be more positive and reflect on memories that you treasure the most.
  11. Be physically active. Maybe it’s time for you to enroll in a gym class to finally achieve your fitness goals. Exercising releases happy hormones in our body that allow us to feel good and stay happy. Besides, you’ll meet new people and friends, another great thing to be thankful for in life.
  12. One good deed a day. Helping people naturally makes us feel good about ourselves. Not because others are in need but because we have the capacity to make their life better. Do one good deed per day for your daily dose of a beautiful smile.


The myDentistWestRyde team also advises not to neglect your dental health so that your smile can be as bright as possible.

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