triumph over shyness
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How to Triumph over Shyness

Being shy is not something that should hinder a person. Nor should it be the defining quality of that person. There are many ways one can use to triumph over shyness. Read more on our online catalogue.

Being more confident does not always mean that you need to talk to everyone you meet on the street. “Shyness” might just mean that the person likes to keep to themselves because they don’t like small talk. Take time to get to know people and do not be too quick to judge. But sometimes, especially in the work setting, shy people tend to experience more stress than other people. This can have effects on their work output and productivity.

Ways to triumph over shyness

Do not advertise it. You do not have to tell everyone that you are shy. The people who are close to you would already know this about you, and they would not really mind.

Don’t let it define you. This trait about you does not have to be what makes you “you”. You must have so many other qualities about you that you can contribute to your work. Being shy does not have to be the only thing that you are known for. Be the person who is good at fixing computers, or the person who tops every year in sales. Show people that you might be shy, but you are a force to be reckoned with.

Find a group of people you are comfortable with. You do not have to be friends with the whole office, especially if you have social anxiety. Find a small group that you can relate to. People that understand that you might not like small talk, or that you might not like big groups of people.

Let others know what you are (and are not) comfortable doing. There is hiding that you are shy, and there is this. Always tell people your limits. If you feel that you are uncomfortable with any situation, let the people know.

Be confident about what you are good at. No matter how shy you are, you can always still stand out by doing what you do best. Especially at work, there might not be many opportunities to make friends, especially if you have a busy schedule at work. But then If you have a skill, just use it. You will be much more comfortable talking about a topic that you are interested in, rather than something that you are not.

triumph over shyness

Shyness is not weakness.

Remember that not wanting to talk to people is not something wrong. If you are an introvert that likes to keep to themselves, you do not have to change who you are just because you are pressured to. You will be able to find friends who understand that part of your personality. And these friends will still love you for it! They will know their limits and still respect you. The way to triumph over shyness is not about you changing the way you are. It is about you accepting that you are shy and still learning to make friends, work well and shine. Love yourself.

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