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Understanding how medical gases are used in the medical field

Several medical gases are used across the various medical and dental fields. These are gases that are used in various medical procedures to achieve the best possible patient results. Please read more about medical gases in this link.


What are medical gases?

Medical gases are used in hospitals and various other medical settings. These gases are manufactured and packaged to be used in the treatment, diagnosis, and anesthesia in patients. They usually come in compressed form in metal containers designed to hold them until the pressurized seal is released to be administered to the patient.


Types of gases commonly used in medical procedures


Medical air. This refers to the clean, compressed air that is supplied to hospitals as a medical gas. This is just sterilized, clean and compressed air that is used in medical procedures to help the patient breathe better. This air is used in any procedure done in the operating room to make sure the patient is comfortable. It can also be connected to various apparatuses that aid in helping with respiratory functions.

Instrument air. This type of air is purified and compressed to be of use in the operation of different kinds of medical equipment.

Oxygen. This type of gas is required in any type of healthcare setting. Oxygen is used to resuscitate patients and relieve the effects of anesthesia or any sedative used for the procedures. It is also used in inhalation therapy.

Carbon Dioxide. This gas is used in types of invasive procedures and surgeries. It is also used in respiratory stimulation after anesthesia is applied to a patient. It would usually be stored in a large tank and it can be piped from that for administration.

Nitrogen. Nitrogen or medical liquid nitrogen is used in cryosurgery of the removal of some cancers. It can also be used to remove skin lesions. Its low temperature makes it useful in the storage of tissues to preserve them.

Nitrous Oxide. This is also commonly known as “laughing gas”, and it has been used in dental procedures. It would be used to calm the patient down for them to undergo dental procedures. It has both analgesic and anesthetic properties, but it is known to be more useful as an analgesic to make the patient calm, and separate anesthesia would be administered to work alongside it. The dentist reverses the effects of laughing gas by administering pure oxygen to the patient.

medical gases


Some patients are sensitive to medical gases

There are some instances where medical gases cannot be used on some patients. Medical professionals have to be concerned with the protocol of their medical center or hospital when it comes to these patients. They would usually be wearing a wrist band that would warn against the administration of medical air.


The takeaway

Being knowledgeable in which gases are used, and what protocols are put in place would be crucial for medical staff and professionals to know about. Understanding all these rules would ensure that proper care is given to patients concerning these medical gases.

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