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Shame over missing front tooth and how to fix it

Feeling shame to smile when you’re missing a tooth can be a nightmare, especially in this world where everybody expects you to smile. But what happens if you find yourself in such a scenario? It’s quite obvious you will hardly open your mouth to smile. Such a situation can negatively affect your self-esteem and also your social life.

The social stigma of a missing front tooth

A missing front tooth can leave you ashamed and embarrassed of your mouth. As you will be avoiding to open your mouth, people may misinterpret you are unwilling to engage or unfriendly. On worst cases, some people may isolate themselves from social interaction and become depressed. Such instances should not happen when there is a solution.

How to fix the missing front tooth

a) Dental implants

Implants are the artificial replacement for a missing tooth designed to last for life. They are regarded as the best front teeth replacement option as they look the same as the original tooth. However, implants may take some time before they can heal. Shame over missing front tooth

b) Fixed bridge

A fixed bridge is another option for replacement of the front tooth. Literally, a dental bridge is used to bridge the gap of an existing tooth. A dental bridge is less expensive but looks and function just like a regular tooth.

c) Partial removable denture

Partial dentures can be used to fill missing teeth without removing all your teeth. When you have front teeth missing, this partial denture can be clasped to the remaining teeth or adhered to the gum line. This option is the least expensive and might not be long-lasting.


If you have a missing tooth at the front, it’s advisable to find a replacement to avoid future problems. Boost your confidence by replacing your missing tooth with any of the above options. Go out and give the world that big beautiful smile.


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