sharp pain in tooth
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Different causes of sharp pain in tooth

If you can experience pain in any part of your body, your teeth may be one of the most popular parts that may be mentioned. Pain may also be one of the main reasons why you are scared and would want to avoid going to the dentist. There are so many reasons why we experience pain or discomfort in our teeth, and there are many ways to address and treat them as well. Just go to this link: and you will be well aware of the different dental and specialized treatments and procedures that not only focuses on treating dental pain and discomfort but also find ways in improving the look of your smile. Meanwhile, let us first focus our attention on the different causes of sharp pain in tooth and how our dental professionals solve them.


Different causes of sharp pain in tooth

If you feel a sudden sting or sensitivity on your teeth, there are so many suspected factors that may contribute to it. Here are some of the most common causes of toothache.


Tooth decay

Once the integrity of the tooth is compromised, the shield of protection it provides for the pulp or its innermost part will be affected as well. The pulp is the part of the tooth that houses nerves and blood vessels necessary for the health of your teeth, so if this part is affected, the pain will be felt instantaneously.


Tooth infection

As mentioned earlier, plaque build-up and cavities could lead to tooth decay. The bacteria that cause the decay may infect the pulp and cause different complex problems to the teeth, and the most common symptom of these issues is always sharp pain in tooth. Gum recession may also cause pain to the tooth if the pulp or the tooth root is exposed to the external environment.


Trauma or injury affecting the teeth

trauma causing sharp pain in tooth

Any external force presented to the mouth may affect the position and health of your teeth. You may get the trauma from an accident, injury from sports-related activities, maybe a post-procedure side effect (tooth extraction, root canal treatment, dental implant surgery, or any other oral surgery), or it may be caused by sensitivity and discomfort while undergoing an orthodontic procedure. If the teeth get fractured or broken that extends all the way to the roots, sharp pain in tooth may be expected.


Sharp pain in tooth symptoms

When we say pain, there are different kinds and levels of pain depending on a person’s tolerance. But basically, pain or discomfort may be characterized or described as a sudden jolt or sting when you chew or bite on food, presence of sensitivity when consuming food in extreme temperatures, irritating ache that you cannot pinpoint if it’s from the tooth or the gums. It can also radiate and extend to the jaw, ears, cheeks, and sometimes the neck.


When to seek dental or medical attention when experiencing a toothache

Some dentists would advise their patients to treat toothaches as dental emergencies. But most people would try to apply different home remedies to fight toothaches just to avoid going to the dentist. There are also instances when mild toothaches can be set aside until they subside on their own. Some may be caused by simple food debris that flossing or brushing your teeth will relieve the ache. But there are instances when you should consult with Emergency Dentist Brisbane Dr clinic just to make sure that the health and safety of your teeth are kept intact.

  • If pain persists after taking OTC drugs
  • If your tooth has been knocked out, pulled, or displaced due to trauma
  • If you broke your tooth deeply that it goes down the tooth roots
  • If you develop other symptoms like swelling of the tongue, jaw, or gums with or without profuse bleeding
  • If an accident caused medical-related issues like a deep cut on the lips or tongue
  • If your toothache is accompanied by a pus discharge around the tooth.



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