stress lines in teeth
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Keeping your teeth beautiful: How to deal with the stress lines in teeth

Some people may notice stress lines in teeth. This article will talk about what these lines are when you should worry and what you can do about them. If you are interested in going the extra mile for the beauty of your teeth, you can read more here about home teeth straightening kits and what it can do for you.

What are stress lines on teeth?

On some occasions, people may develop lines on their teeth. These lines usually become more noticeable when a person eats a tooth-staining food or beverage, such as beets or coffee. People may look into the mirror, horrified with what they see, but many do not know that this is a normal part of the aging process.

People bite down on food daily, some people grind their teeth. All of these actions can take their toll on teeth and put stress on them. The lines that you see on teeth are called stress lines or craze lines, and they are the result of the stress that is put on teeth. The explanation is that the enamel on the surface of these teeth is cracked.

When to be concerned

The good news is that even if these lines are not a good sight to see, they are usually harmless. Enamel is the hardest and strongest substance in the human body, and the lines that you see are just superficial cracks and do not pose a threat to the tooth that has the lines. You should not worry too much about these lines as long as you are not feeling any extreme pain in the tooth. For as long as there is no trauma to the tooth to make the crack bigger, you should not be too concerned about the stress lines in teeth.

How to get rid of these stress lines

Since stress lines in teeth are not a cause for worry because they do not affect the overall health of the tooth, it is alright if you do not seek treatment for them. However, if you become self-conscious because of these lines, there are some ways to make your teeth look good as new.

stress lines in teeth

Dental veneers. You can inquire at your dentist’s office about dental veneers. These are small porcelain plates that are placed on the front part of the affected tooth to make it look shiny and new. The procedure to get a dental veneer will involve grinding the tooth to accommodate the veneer that will be glued into place. It is a minimally invasive procedure and the patient can be able to chew using the tooth a few hours after the procedure.

Teeth whitening. Tooth whitening can also be a solution to stress lines in teeth because the lines are more noticeable when there is staining on teeth. However, getting a tooth whitening treatment is not a permanent solution, and the person will still have to be careful not to stain the teeth again after the whitening procedure. Good brushing and oral hygiene habits can prevent stains from reoccurring.


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