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Can Workout Buddies Help You Manage Social Anxiety?

Working out can be quite challenging most especially for people who are living with social anxiety. People with the said disorder have been battling to stay physically active despite their fear of being in a social situation. However, one of the best ways to overcome social anxiety is by having workout buddies that understand your condition. If the budget allows, set up a home gym and invite your friends.


Why You Need A Workout Buddy

Exercising is indeed a fun activity to do. But it can be more enjoyable if you are doing it with a friend. Aside from helping you overcome social anxiety, a workout buddy can also be beneficial in many ways. Here are the reasons why workout buddies are blessings in disguise:

  • workout buddies on breakThey will make you feel more motivated. Your workout buddy isn’t just a company. They will be the ones to encourage and push you to reach your limits and achieve your goal.
  • You’ll have more fun. Working out does not have to be boring and dull. Having a workout buddy will keep you busy as you both exercise and update each other about what’s new in your lives.
  • You’ll be able to manage your social anxiety with a friend. People with social anxiety often feel uncomfortable when they are surrounded by people. If you workout with a buddy, your fear will gradually decline, sooner or later, you won’t even feel anxious in the gym again.
  • Exchanging of ideas. If you are hoping to achieve a certain fitness goal and you’re not certain how to do it, your buddy will be able to layout plans that might work for you. You can even do the exercises together.


Finding The Perfect Workout Buddies

Finding your workout buddies should be easy. You just need to know where to look and who to invite. If you are in the journey of finding a workout buddy, you might want to put these things into consideration:

  • Bestfriends to workout buddies. For most people, our good friends are some of the best people to work out with. Let’s admit it, whatever we do, things could become extra fun as long as we are with friends. Plus, they are already aware of the social anxiety that you’re suffering from so they will be more understanding and patient with you.
  • Colleagues and workmates. For a change, why don’t you try to invite your colleagues for a fun and exciting workout routine? This will open to new opportunities and you will have a personal relationship with them outside the office.
  • Significant other. Romantic relationships shouldn’t always be about romance. Spice up your relationship with your partner by encouraging them to be physically healthy. Ask them to be your workout buddy and who knows, this might open new doors to make your relationship stronger than ever.
  • Organize a group workout. This is probably the best way to help you cope up with social anxiety. Ask your friends from different circles to join you in a group workout routine and have an enjoyable time at the gym.


What Makes A Good Workout Buddy

It may be easy to invite friends to go and exercise with you but there are somethings that you should also consider when it comes to choosing your workout buddy. You have to be careful in picking your partner as they will affect your eagerness to work out.

Here are some of the few things that a great workout buddy must possess:

  1. Matching schedule. One of the things that both of you must consider is if your schedules do not have conflicts. This will make things easier as both of you are free at the same hours of the day.
  2. Punctual. Most of us are busy with personal lives and other matters in life. So be sure to find someone who respects you enough to come to the gym at the agreed time.
  3. Goal-oriented. Your partner should have fitness goals so that you will be more motivated to push yourself to the limits as wellsupportive gym buddy. Be with someone who goes to the gym not only for aesthetics but for health purposes as well.
  4. Level of eagerness. When it comes to choosing your workout buddy, be sure to find someone who is as eager as you. You wouldn’t want to waste your time with someone who slacks off after they perform their routine.
  5. Supportive. For someone with social anxiety, a workout buddy that’s supportive is a huge factor. They are the type of people that are happy to see you succeed. They will not just tell you to “do it”, they will be there all the way to make sure that you stay focused.
  6. Helpful. A workout partner is most effective if they are helpful in many ways. It’s important that they have knowledge when it comes to exercising and working out.

Remember that staying in shape and healthy must be an enjoyable journey. Don’t let your social anxiety tell you otherwise, just find the perfect partner and you’re good to go. Visit the shop of stationarybike.com.au and purchase useful equipment to start.

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