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What Are Candid Aligners?

A perfect smile is a joy to behold. Everyone agrees about that. To craft that perfect, white as pearls smile, dentist use many tools and techniques. There are times when the teeth are as white as possible, but their placement is a bit iffy. To move your teeth so that they can assume their perfect position dentist use many techniques to align your teeth. Braces used to be the most effective and most common way to deal with this dental malady. But as of late, there have been many methods. One of them is steadily on the rise. The method is called tooth aligners. They are virtually invinsible teeth straightening system that include no metal and are custom made for your teeth. To get more details of this orthodontic breakthrough, you  can read about clear aligners at

The technological high-end product among the many kinds of tooth aligners are the candid aligners. They are printed using the most sophisticated 3D printing technology. Based on the bio-mechanic principles on how and why your teeth move, an aligner will put pressure on the crown of your tooth. With enough pressure, your tooth will react and start to move, crown and root together. After you have them on, your teeth will move at a speed of 0.3mm, which is the highest speed yet. No other set of teeth aligners can boast with such precision, gentleness and effectiveness. candid aligners

If you worry about pain, let us reassure you. You will only feel the slightest of pressures. There won’t be any pain. None at all.

You might think that candid aligners might cost more than the usual method. But you are wrong. WIth new effective technology also comes at a lower price. On average the traditional method of using metal braces would cost you up to five thousand dollars. But, with the help of this new aligners, you won’t even spend half of that sum. On average the candid aligner costs 1,900 dollars.

For those who thought that teeth alignment was something they can only dream about, something far too expensive, you are in luck. With candid aligners you can finally get that irresistible dreamlike smile you always wished for.

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