how to enhance breast size
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How to enhance breast size: All you need to know

Are you feeling self-conscious about having small breasts? Well, you shouldn’t worry as there are various ways on how to enhance breast size and volume. The available methods depend on whether you want a temporary solution or a permanent surgical fix in adding volume to your breasts. Your breast size is determined by your weight, lifestyle, and genetics.


How to enhance breast size

(1). Breast exercises

how to enhance breast sizes

Exercises are not only for keeping your body fit and building muscles but also it’s a natural way of enlarging your breast. It’s cheap and safe and the exercises are easy to perform even at the comfort of your home. Your breast size is determined by your genes, however, some exercises make them well-toned and more firm .some of the effective exercises you can do to enlarge your breast are;
– Wall press
– Arm circles
– Chest press
– Modified push ups



(2). Breast massage

Massaging breast is a technique that stimulates the flow of blood and improves the circulation around your chest area. This makes your breast bigger as well as promote breast health. This is a natural and safe method and you will also benefit in the following ways;
– Shapes and tones your breast
– Checks the existence of cysts
– Improves blood flow and releases toxins
– Functions as a lymph node flush
– Promotes healthy cells in your breast area

PROCEDURE: Using an oil/breast cream, rub your breast in a circular motion making sure that your hands move from outside of your body towards the middle.


(3). Breast health and herbal supplements

There are herbal pills for enlarging breasts and they balance certain hormone levels in your body. The pills are made of potent herbs such as damiana, ginseng, or blessed thistle, and are able to mimic the body’s hormones responsible for breast growth.


(4). Breast food

Our body is what we eat and therefore whatever diet that we take affects our health including the breasts. You should eat a healthy and balanced diet regularly to achieve an increased cup size. Example of healthy foods that you should consider having are:
– Vegetables, whole grains, and fruits
– Estrogen rich-foods
– Fats. This includes healthy fats such as olive and sunflower oils


(5). Surgical methods

How to enhance breast size? These are options that provide you with the fastest results. They include:
Silicone/Saline breast implants. Silicone implants consist of silicone/plastic gel while saline implants are silicone shells that are filled with sterile water.
Fat grafting. This involves removing unwanted fat from flabby zones and injecting it in your breast.

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