nose job before and after pictures
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Nose job before and after pictures: Is it reliable?

Have you ever met an individual who looks utterly different from the image that you have created of them in your mind on the first time? Could it be because of Rhinoplasty? Rhinoplasty is a surgery involving a person’s nose, hence getting this unique notation the “nose job”. Nose job has, in the recent past, become so popular for people who find the sizes and shapes of their noses annoying. It’s well known for its cosmetic benefits, however, there are some versatile applications to improve nasal functions after traumatic injury and helping in breathing problems that tend to effects a person ability to sleep and exercise. Surgeons may give you their nose job before and after pictures so they can show you how well they can manage your nasal profile issue. Just to make sure you are well-informed about what is about to happen, read about the do’s and don’ts before nose surgery at

The main goal for this nose job procedure is to ensure that a patients’ nose gets to his or her desired or craved for functionality and appearance with the patients’ skin and entire face appearance in mind. The nose job procedure is aimed at giving a patient effective lasting results through the use of art and science.


nose job before and after

Rhinoplasty Facts

Nose job should not be done to teens and young adults because they are still growing and are in good health. The procedure should not be carried out to individuals who are smoking. It is so because smoking causes blockage of blood vessels and other tissue damaging effects that could make the procedure a fatal venture.

The procedure can increase the patient’s self-confidence. It is important that the patient understand the risks and benefits that comes with it, it should be done by experts.


Recovery after nose job

Like any other procedure, a patient may experience mild to moderate discomforts which can always be controlled by proper medication. However, the initial hours can be a bit awkward in social settings due to possible bruises under the eye and the use of splint.
After the procedure, it is recommended that you wear splints for about a week or so. These splints are supposed to be worn both on the inside and outside so as to form a protective cover for the nasal bones and cartilage after the rhinoplasty. The medical practitioner will always state that you avoid activities which can damage your nasal cartilages like jogging, swimming and even wearing glasses.

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